Roof Repair-We are able to swiftly repair leaking or damaged roofs returning your roof to a watertight and robust roof that gives protection to your home.

Flat to pitch conversions– We often attend to problematic flat roofs that leak and create all manner of problems to the supporting building; we are experienced in converting these flat roofs to tiled pitch roofs which then provide a far superior roofing solution that surpasses the life expectancy of a flat roof.

Loft conversions roofs-The last 30 years has seen the emergence of a whole new industry- converting loft space into usable living space. With the wealth of knowledge and experience of “Roofers-in-Essex” we are the right choice to give your new space a new roof that will complement your home.

Re-roof– A new roof erected to a high standard will last a life time, however many of our houses are far older than a lifetime,  “Roofers-in-Essex” is the right choice to re-skin your roof giving you a good-as-new roof that will never cause you a problem again.

New roofs– Developing a house? “Roofers-in-Essex” are efficient and reasonably priced; let us give you a quote.

Tiling and Natural slates –We have an extensive knowledge of tiles and slates and can assist in the choice and planning of materials, colours and styles.  We are expert tilers delivering a high standard of workmanship that we are proud of.

Chimney flashing and lead worksWe are well experienced in lead work.  Lead is used on roofs as it is a plyable, waterproof material used to line galleys and bridge gaps between roofs and masonry and, just like tiles, has been used since roman times.

Vertical tiling– Throughout over 30 years of experience we have undertaken to the highest levels all manner of jobs including.

Quality tiles– With our wealth of experience we know the right products for each job and we use this knowledge to aid in our selection of the materials, delivering a roof that is has the highest standards of quality.





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